Mountain of Pakistan

Pakistan is a country which have the most highest mountain ranges of the world. In Pakistan many mountains are well above ( seven thousand ) meters. There are a series of mountain ranges situated fully or partially in Pakistan some of them are discussed as follows.

Karakoram Range :

Karakoram range is at the northern side of the Pakistan. The most highest peaks of the Pakistan are in this range. The highest peak of this range is K2 which is ( Eight thousand Six hundred eleven meters ) high.

Himalaya Range:

Himalayan range is the second big and high series of Pakistan. The most highest peak of this series is called as Nanga Parbat which is ( Eight thousand one hundred twenty six meters ).

Hindukush Range:

It is also at the northern side of pakistan. And had the very dangerous mountains in it. The most highest peak of this range is Tirch mir which is (Seven thousand six hundred and ninety meters ) high.

Sulaiman Mountain Range:

The highest peak of this range is Takht-e-Sulaiman which is three thousand four hundred eighty seven meters ) high.

Salt Range:

This range is situated in the Punjab Province of the country. This is the range which had abundant in salt. The most highest mountain of this range is Skesar which is (One thousand five hundred twenty two meters)


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