Great Nepal Mountains

The mountains of Nepal :

The most of the tourists of the world think about the mountains when they heard about the Nepal. This is a beautiful country having the most highest peak of the world name Mount Everest which is( Eight thousand eight hundred and fo


rty eight )meters high.Due to these high mountains Nepal is definitely have the unique position in the world.

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Mount Everest:

Mount Everest which is locally name chomolungma is the world’s highest mountain. The peak height of this mountain is ( Eight thousand eight hundred forty eight )meters above from the sea level which is (twenty nine thousand and twenty nine feet).It is situated near the china border.Mount Everest | Height, Location, Map, Facts, Climbers, & Deaths |  Britannica


It is located near the Indian-Nepal border in Himalayan mountain range. This is the third hieghest mountain of the world. It is( Eight thousand five hundred eighty six )meters.Kangchenjunga - Wikipedia


Lhotse has different names as likely said in the nearby countries in their respective languages. It is the fourth highest mountain on the earth. It is also located at the Nepal-China border called Khumbu region in Nepal. This mountain is( Eight thousand five hundred sixteen )meters above from the sea level.Lhotse - Wikipedia


This is the fifth high mountain o the earth and located at the southeast side of the great Mount Everest. Its really great to see this mountain has four sided pyramid shape. This mountain is( Eight thousand four hundred eighty one )meters high from the sea level. Really good to watch.Makalu - Wikipedia

Cho Oyu:

This is the sixth highes mountain of the world it lies in th hamalaya mountain range at the border of the China and Nepal. Cho Oyu is a local word which means “ Turquoise Goddess”. This mountain is( Eight thousand two hundred and one) meters high from the sea levelCho Oyu Expedition | Climb Cho Oyu | Accessible 8000 metre Peak


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