10 Things You Should Know Before You Go to Tibet

Are you planning to visit Tibet? But there are few things which you need to know about Tibet before you make your way into that place. Tibet is one of the extraordinary best places to catch all around as this place will make your offer with the culture and art feel of beauty that is much inspiring. Let’s give a quick overview of the fantastic ten things you should know before you go to Tibet:

The roof of the World

 The Tibetan Plateau remains more than 3 miles above ocean level that is adding to the records by the prudence of its sheer tallness. It is encompassed by forcing mountain extends that harbor the world’s two most elevated summits, Mt. Everest and K2 alongside the most noteworthy lake, railroad, street and passage on the planet. Tibet shares around 3500 km worldwide outskirts with Nepal, Bhutan, and Myanmar.

Things You Should Know Before You Go to Tibet

Weather and Climate

Tibet has a dry and mainland atmosphere, with solid breezes, low dampness and an enormous fluctuation in yearly and summer daytime temperatures. The air is severely dry for nine months of the year, and the average annual snowfall is just 18 inches as because of the downpour shadow impact. Northern Tibet is exposed to high temperatures in the late spring while it is actively cold in the winters.

10 Things You Should Know Before You Go to Tibet10 Things You Should Know Before You Go to Tibet

Tibet is closed each year During March.

When arranging travel to Tibet, ensure that you plan around the yearly ending that happens from mid-February through March. This date changes from year to year and starts between February 15 and February 20. It ends in March until in all respects early April. Tibet usually gets closed in March.

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Monsoon Rains

Tibet’s dry and stormy seasons are particular. Into the rainy season, there are more night downpour, more rainstorms, and much hail while amid the late spring time frame as it rains in the first part of the day and stops around early afternoon. In southern Tibet, it for the most part rains during the evening b giving over 80% of the precipitation.

Shoton Festival, Annual Opera Performance

It is one of the most established and traditional celebrations among Tibetans as it is the seven-day long Shoton Festival or the Yogurt Drinking Festival that happens in Norbulingka. It starts over the beginning of the seventh month of the Tibetan schedule that highlights so many musical shows and so many yak races too.

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The Yak

It is an essential piece of the Tibetan culture as Yaks are utilized in Tibet for transportation reason. Their hair is woven into yarn, their stows away are being used for making boots and watercraft, their meat is a feeding wellspring of protein, their milk gives sound fat and is used to form the spread, cheddar, and yogurt, and their compost is utilized to create fuel for flames.

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Best times of Year to visit Tibet

Tibet can likewise be visited from December through mid-February as long as you are set up for chilly climate. Most places in Tibet are available in the winter. The late spring a very long time from mid-June through mid-September can convey mists to the vast majority of Tibet.

Tibet Travel Permit

To make a trip to Tibet as an outsider, you should have a travel license before you arrive. Your travel organization can apply for your benefit for this. You will need a duplicate of your Chinese visa, which you can use for at your neighborhood international haven or department.

Mt Kailash as the Place to Go

A giant mass of dark rock that compasses more than 22,000 feet, Mt. Kailash which signifies “valuable gem of interminable snow” remains a spot covered in puzzle and legend as the world’s most loved blessed spot. It is additionally the least visited on account of it is in far western Tibet.


Travelling Overland from Nepal to Tibet

If you want to travel from Nepal to Tibet, then heading through the car is the best option. As since 2015 earthquake which somehow permanently got completely damaged to the Zhangmu Border, the government has now opened Gyirong Port as being the official gateway for commuters from Kathmandu to Lhasa. The drive has been around 1000 kilometers which can be done in almost 12 hours.


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